sudge (sudge) wrote in monitorwomb,


Ok, I have to hand in a proposal for a dissertation by friday, and wouldnt mind some ideas. I know I want to do something on comics, but picking a topic is proving harder than I thought.

Ideas I've had are-

Comic books as modern myth - stories retold and changed, e.g. Origin stories. Morality stories...kinda thin to be honest

Morality in comic books - JLA/Authority comparisons, social and political commentaries in comics, Batman compared with the punisher type thing - both considered heroes, own sets of morality etc

social and political history of the 20th C through comics - WWII propaganda, comics code during cold war, the comics code in general, comics as social commentaty e.g. X-men and racism right through to Green lantern, the Ultimates etc

I'm dyin a death here, help me out!

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