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Guess which bit it the coolest...

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Dammit! I wanted to post it first!!

Looks like an Island of solitude....

I feel like this one is a response to the previous, just with the Lois/Superman dialogue from the two.

one more thing....


Looks great!
Haha the eye thing is kinda gross yet awesome. His smug look afterwards is great.

It's looking excellent though.

And Stephen, I swear Superman is wearing eyeliner....
Surely not!!

For those who are not familiar, Fi and our other friends continually try to get me to submitt to wearing eyeliner.

But using Superman Fi....thats low....
I wouldn't have said it if I didn't think it was true! There's some sort of eyemakeup used on Superman that isn't on Clark Kent to give him that steely stare...
Superman does NOT wear eyeliner. Maybe one of those wussy Marvel dudes, but not Superman!!!


Got to say, the trailer answered one of my Superman questions - are his eyes invulnerable? The answer is yes, and he's really smug about it!
It's not just Marvel. I don't know about Batman Begins but in all the other Batman films he has eyeliner on under the mask to hide any gaps in where the eyeholes are cut. (It's quite difficult to find photos clear enough to show it though.) I've always wondered when he has the time to put that on in an emergency, at least Superman can put the eyeliner on at superspeed...

Actually having had a look, Batman Begins seems to involve more makeup than ever before!! You would not have time to put that on in a crisis!

It's quite sad that I notice these things. It's like watching a movie in space and complaining when you hear noises. Not that I do that, or commended Firefly for it's lack of sound in space...
Batman's eyeliner is like SAS camoflage though, so I forgive him that :) And I think Babylon 5 and the new Battlestar Galactica follow the 'no sound in space' rule too.

That said, I'm fairly easy going with little details like that - I can buy the fact that Clark Kent can disguise himself with glasses, I can believe that Batman can do pretty much anything, even though he's just a human being. But what really REALLY gets my goat is that song, A Spaceman Came Travelling. It refers to 'lightyears of time'. LIGHTYEARS MEASURE DISTANCE, DAMNIT!

Sorry :)