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Welcome to the "We Hate Lana Lang" club.

I apologise if this gets emotional, but I am pissed off!!

Let me get this straight - self righteous boring whiny lana gets to live....

But Badass-Supermans-dad Johnathan Kent has to die?

in the comics, lana was once a witch. And a Manhunter Sleeper agent. In the superman cartoon she was, lets face it, kinda slutty, and a supermodel. However, smallville Lana is the anti-lois. Not once would she even consider punching him on the arm. Of all the characters, she has shown the least growth, and most annoyance.

And she got to live over johnathan.

I hate her. 

Questions, comments?

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Just ditto all of that.

The first time I saw Lois punch him on the arm, the shard of ice around my heart melted a little bit.

Bring Jonathon back, dammit, I like the Superman with both his parents living into old age. Screw him becoming a man when his father dies. I want Jonathon to live. I wanted to see him as Senator and kick Lionel's ass.

I'm pretty sure they've exhausted all the Lana possibilities by now, the only way to make me hate her more would be to bring in Katie Holmes to play her.
Killing off characters that everyone hates isn't very dramatic, though.
I was spoiled for this episode, and I expected to hate it. Strangely enough, I didn't.

Okay, I'd much rather Jonathan have lived. John Schneider was a great asset to the show, and I love the contrast between the Kents and the Luthors. What annoys me most about Smallville is that it's OBVIOUSLY a show that's about fathers and their sons and the way in which those relationships play into the destinies of Clark and Lex - we all know what those two become, Smallville's about the journey to that point, it should be easy. Unfortunately, while Lex gets the big, epic operatic storylines, Superman-to-be gets saddled with the wettest love story ever, which is frustrating because there's a lot more chemistry between Clark and Chloe and/or Lois than there is between Clark and Lana.

But strangely, I could ignore all this with last night's episode, and I'm not entirely sure why. I think the little things won me over - notice how Fate seemed out to get Lois, but she survived in both histories (and we know exactly WHY she's destined to survive). Maybe it was because Jonathan finally smacked Lionel, or maybe it was because Lionel was still standing at the end, stalking the funeral like the Devil in an old folktale. And part of me could see how moving Lana more towards Lex is a good idea, and letting Clark be Clark-the-hero will strengthen the show (I really liked the scene between Clark and Martha just before the funeral). I'm treating this as Clark's lowest possible moment, and the only way from here is up towards his ultimate destiny of that big ol' red cape.

My biggest problem with the episode, and this ties into the Lana thing, is that Clark is pretty much responsible for Jonathan's death, because he didn't stop to think things through (the flipside to this is that, in both histories, a Luthor is responsible for the death of someone Clark cares about, which is totally appropriate); the producers will have to start getting Clark to up his game if we're to start seeing him as Superman and not just a guy with powers who's a bit like Superman. They do this sometimes, but other times they forget that Supes isn't just about the powers, and so the show could do with a little more consistancy in this sense.

But yeah, taken as another chapter in the whole Lana-worship saga, the episode sucked; what should have been about the relationship between Clark and Jonathan was actually about Clark and Lana, with Jonathan as collatoral damage in that relationship. Taken on its own merits, as the episode that will (or SHOULD) act as a fulcrum to the whole Superman saga, it worked - it established that, while one day Jonathan will pass away, and that Lana's untimely death ultimately doesn't affect the destiny of the leads too much, Lois will go on to become Clark's lover (there's always someone there to save her), and the Luthors will always end up destroying the things the Kents work towards. What we need now is for Clark to win a significant victory over the Luthors, to convince us that he's Superman and he's gonna WIN. I want Clark to heat-vision that photo right out of Lionel's hand.

So yeah, an episode riddled with problems, but I couldn't hate it, perhaps because it's only in recent years that we've come to expect the Kents to live into Clark's adulthood - I think that makes sense, by the way, especially as people are living longer, but there needs to be a moment where we see Clark become him own man; the Kents should never become a crutch. Of course, it all depends on what happens next week - if we're back to the Clana, I reserve the right to come back here and rant at myself...
I could agree more with you matt.

This should have been an episode about Johnothan and Clark, but friggin Lana got in the way. as usual.

I've always saw the reason that Clark and Lana cant be together, and to an extent, Clark and Chloe, is that they both kinda put him on this pedestal. He's Clark, the hero, who can do no wrong, and when he does wrong, doe eyes and an apology will suffice. Not Lois though, hell no. He does something wrong, she'll punch his arm and tell him what for. She can, and will, tell Superman what to do.

If Lana is moving towards lex, it may make her more interesting in that there'll be no more fawning over Clark and his feelings and hers, making her slightly darker could actually work. The thing is though, everything with Lana just seems redundant to me.

Oooh, Lana is dead. - Doesnt matter, he ends up with Lois.
Oooh, Lana hates him - Doesnt matter, he ends up with Lois
Oooh, Lana is with Lex - Doesnt matter, he ends up with Lois...

Noticing a pattern?`

Now if Lex or Lionel were to do something to Lois, then I'd be interested. lets see the passion beneath the surface, the destinies unfold. Lets see Superman take on the Luthors and make them realise they arent top dog anymore. Matt, you were right, that photo should be heat visioned out of Lionel's hand, with a warning to stay the hell away from his mother while he's at it.

Just some stuff about the episode I loved:

Johnothan's last act on earth was to do battle with a Luthor.

The farm frozen over when Johnothan died. brilliant.

The Angel statue offset behind Clark, parralelling the first episode, where he was in front of it directly.

Crushing coal into a diamond. Its classic.

Sorry, still to distraught to give a coherent post...Johnothan!!