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Hey guys, I was thinking that it might be a good idea to start a post just for reviews on comics or pretty much anything you've read or seen. I'll probably just do short reviews of my weekly comics, but this is really just for a review of anything you want. Got an old issue of Spiderman you thought was great, or needed work? Tell us why! And what did you think of V for vendetta? You get the picture ;)

I'll do my comic reviews as a comment just now, dont want to spoil anything for those who maybe havent read the comics and dont want them ruined.
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Ok, here goes....

Action Comics #837 - Up, up and Away part 2 sees this story shaping up nicely! We are given a little more detail into the mystery of Clark's lack of super powers, but are shown why he's still Superman, as he tracks down, and foils, a bunch of criminals trying to buy their way into Intergang with some of Lex Luthor's power suits. The real kicker is at the end of the issue and a surprise, but oddly obvious offer from Hal Jordan. The art in the issue is pretty good too, and one pannel in particular terrified me. Damn Statue.

All Star Superman #3 - Yeah I'm pretty much never gonna slate Grant Morrison. This issue was perfect. My favourite thing about Morrison so far is that he has written now 3 issues of Superman and hasnt had him hit anyone. Brilliant! The mystery and story surrounding the fate of Superman is getting more interesting as well, and the tyrant sun is coming... The art has never been my favourite, but I am warming to Quitely. There is one page in this that is actually just beauitiful. Superman and Lois having what is, in this continuity, their first kiss, on the moon.

Superman/batman #24 - I have all but given up trying to make sense of this story. I just dont see what its trying to do yet, although the teaser for the next issue promises to clear that up. It was a "neat" issue, gender inversions and whatnot. But thats about it. The fights set up for the finale should be good, but I just hope they make sense! I've always been a fan of Ed McGuinness's artwork, and I think its better here than it was when he did the main Superman comic.

Green Lantern No 10 - In a word, Fantastic. We've always known that Hal flys without wearing his ring, doesnt like the safety net. Well that came back to bite him on the ass when he and two other pilots were shot down and kept as prisoners of terrorists for months. He's getting the POW medal, but still thinks its his fault. If only he'd had his ring, he'd have gotten them out. Hal can be a great character, he's fearless but arrogant, and the consequences of that arrogance were devastating. Also, Green Lantern has been ignoring a new international treaty on metahumans, and now some world powers are out to get him. P.S. Sinestro is starting his own Yellow Lantern Corp. Hal's in for a tough time, and I cant wait to read it.

I'll leave it here just now, I have another five or so to review and it'd take forever...

Blue Beetle 1, New Avengers, Ultimate X-men/Fantastic 4 and Nightwing, still to come!
Supes/Bats 24 - Fire Bad, Tree Pretty!

(That said, I did like the Bizarros in this, the art was nice, and there was a strangely moving bit towards the end...)

Action #837 - Gotta love how Clark is still the hero of the hour, even with lousy eyesight and no powers. Not sure if I liked Hal's comment at the end; I didn't disagree with it, but I'm not sure Superman's a character who should be getting that sort of thing from anyone other than, say, Lois or Batman...I think I'm just sensitive over the statue panel Sudge mentioned, but to explain WHY I'm sensitive is a major spoiler...Oh, and loved Lex in this, singing in his underground lab. He just wants to forget about Superman. Yeah, right.

Oh, props to DC for having the Didio column updated every week. The old news page got a little annoying after reading the same thing for 10 or 12 issues a month...

All Star Superman #3 - Okay, I'm a guy, so I'll get this out of the way first - All Star Lois is hot. And the kiss on the moon was also hot. And romantic in an iconic Supermanish sort of way (don't you just wish you could kiss someone on the moon with the Earth rising above you?). Loved the two mythical heroes showing up and Supes just thinking of them as a nuisance, with the arm-wrestling being one of those insance Silver Age things that you can tell Grant Morrison loves. And yes, the Tyrant Sun is coming, and that's a sentence you should only write in connection with Superman comics. BTW, next month we're going to get an All-Star Jimmy Olsen story, and I can't wait...

JLA Classified #whateveritwas - Gail Simone does the Justice League and its cool. The JLA are basically forced to do something politically insane, while a virus engineered from Starro the Conquerer threatens to wipe out a whole community and a new super-team threatens our guys. Best bit - J'onn pointing out that truces only last so long...

Thought about getting Blue Beetle #1, but didn't. Line in the sand time. I'm making a stand for Ted, Sue and the rest of the JLIers...I'm starting to get a nasty feeling that the new DCU is going to be built on the corpses of characters I like...
Actually, scratch what I said about the Clark/Hal exchange - I think I've realised WHY that took place, but that's another spoiler...